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War Bride Extended to September 23rd!

With rave reviews and enthusiastic audiences, we are now EXTENDING THE WAR BRIDE RUN TO SEPTEMBER 23rd! Get your tickets here.

Here’s some of what the critics have to say about the show:

“Psychological thrills accompany T.U. Studios’ ‘War Bride’… Bigotry, paranoia and violence lurking beneath the frayed comforts of home and hearth roll out a less than hospitable welcome mat to the reluctant “War Bride” at the center of Samantha Macher’s new psychological drama from SkyPilot Theatre.”

“Macher’s storytelling remains taut and gripping throughout…Director-choreographer Nancy Dobbs Owen furthers the mounting dread with a Butoh-inspired chorus of writhing ghosts depicting Yumi’s inner torment…” – LA TIMES

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War Bride

“WAR BRIDE” by Samantha Macher

August 11 – September 16 EXTENDED to September 23rd!
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It is the fall of 1945. Private Alvin Rhodes is returning home to his mother Catherine in Merced, CA. He has an injury that he doesn’t want to discuss and a new wife, a Japanese nurse named Yumi. Yumi is greeted with suspicion and fear, even outright hatred. The bombs were dropped only two months prior and Japanese Americans are still unjustly interned at Manzinar, not far away. She is shy and withdrawn, but with the help of Catherine’s old friend Richard, a Japanese/English dictionary and 1000 paper cranes, her story is slowly revealed. WAR BRIDE combines sharp, witty dialogue with Japanese Butoh influenced contemporary dance to create a completely new play that will tear at your heart while challenging your ideas of right and wrong.

WAR BRIDE tells a compelling story from the point of view of the women: Catherine, Yumi, the neighborhood girls. Roles for women are far too few in American theater. We have also authentically cast both Japanese and American actors, filling a gap in the Asian acting community. Finally, the lessons of World War Two are relevant in a world where we still lock people up without a trial based upon irrational fears and prejudice.

WAR BRIDE is the fourth production of SkyPilot’s 2012 season; its second full season of exclusively producing new plays.

August 11 thru September 23, 2012

10943 Camarillo St.
North Hollywood, CA 91602


Photos From War Bride

War Bride Trailer

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When you visit the War Bride page at Indiegogo, you will have a chance to donate and help put this exciting production on stage. Your donations will help in a number of ways, such as set design and construction, lighting, visual effects, and publicity.

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SkyPilot Theatre Company is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering new relationships with provocative playwrights to develop the most compelling, challenging and humorous new plays for the Los Angeles theatre going audience. Skypilot is a member of the LA Stage Alliance.

War Bride is the fourth production of the 2012 season, our second full year of exclusively producing world premiere plays.

Visit the War Bride page at Indiegogo now!