SkyPilot Theatre Company is a non-profit ensemble of resident playwrights, actors, directors and designers producing provocative, compelling and challenging new works for the Los Angeles theatre-going audience.


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How You Can Support SkyPilot

There are three easy (and sometimes free) ways to support SkyPilot Theatre:

1. eScrip

eScrip is an online contribution tool that links your merchant rewards cards to charities and non-profits you want to support. This makes it easy to support SkyPilot without changing your lifestyle, spending money, or taking up time — you can contribute without thinking about it!

Just visit eScrip and register your cards to link to SkyPilot (Group ID# 500043262) and when you shop with participating merchants, they will donate a percentage of your purchase amount to SkyPilot Theatre! It costs you nothing but a couple of minutes to register your cards.

Just click the banner above and register today! (SkyPilot Group ID# 500043262)

2. Donate items.

Want to help us bring theater to underprivileged youth without opening your wallet?

Rummage through your closets, garages, and storage spaces and donate new and used items that you think might bring at least $50 on eBay. Or, donate a product or service from your business. Send them our way, get a tax deduction, and we’ll do the rest! We will even arrange for a pick up! Thank you in advance for your incredible generosity!

Contact: donations@SkyPilotTheatre.com and we will respond within 24 hours.


3. Donate money via PayPal.



How high can you fly?

Student Pilot: $1 – $50

Recreational Pilot: $50 – $100

Sport Pilot: $100 – $500

Private Pilot: $500 – $1000

Commercial Pilot: $1,000 +


Take your pick and help us create amazing original theatre in Los Angeles!


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