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Arden Haywood Smalls

 ARDEN HAYWOOD SMALLS (Board Member/Talent)

Arden is a native of Brooklyn, New York, but is proud to call LA home now. He is also   thrilled to call SkyPilot home. On SkyPilot’s main stage, Arden starred as Alabaster McGill in THE EMANCIPATION OF ALABASTER MCGILL and Jamie/Native King in KONG: A GODDAMN THIRTY-FOOT GORILLA. Arden also served as assistant director and stage  manager for TO THE NEW GIRL, 4 MURDERS, and THE MERMAID WARS, as well as co-producer for  EARTHBOUND. Arden has starred in productions of DRIVING MISS DAISY, DRACULA,  A FEW GOOD MEN, I HATE HAMLET, BEYOND THERAPY, A BLACK TRILOGY, TO  JAZZ IS A VERB, HARLEM RENT PARTY, BOX OFFICE. He is also a 3 time award nominee for his portrayal of Walter E. Parsons in INSPECTING CAROL. Some of his film and TV credits include HOLLYWOOD REIGNS, THE BAG, UNCIVIL WAR, EXISTO, A CHRISTMAS DIP, JAMAICA NO PROBLEM, FATE, I PROPOSE and a stunning appearance on DON’T FORGET THE LYRICS. He has also written, produced and directed I DON’T WANNA THINK ABOUT ME, SENSELESS, HOLLYWOOD REIGNS, and music videos. He has also produced and directed the cooking show WILDEN’S KITCHEN.

For more info: Check out Dragwood TV on Vimeo.com.

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