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Lindsey Mixon

LINDSEY MIXON (Secretary/Talent)

Lindsey Mixon is thrilled to be returning to share the stage with her fellow SkyPilot-eers for PLANE TALK. After joining the company in November 2010, she was excited to be a part of SkyPilot’s REWIND and its Summer smash-hit TO THE NEW GIRL! She would like to thank her family and her handsome fiance, Terrence, for all of their love and support. Lindsey also holds a BFA in Acting from Carnegie Mellon University but sometimes, when she getting tired of holding it, she puts it down. Lindsey was one of the first to graduate from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Hollywood. She also has been known to push a little pasta four nights a week at little Italian place on Vermont.

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