About Us

SkyPilot Theatre Company is a non-profit ensemble of resident playwrights, actors, directors and designers producing provocative, compelling and challenging new works for the Los Angeles theatre-going audience.  SkyPilot is driven to producing only original plays, created by LA playwrights.
Notable productions include
Samathan Macher’s To The New Girl and War Bride
Adam Hahn’s Kong: A Goddamn Thirty-Foot Gorilla
Nathan Wellman’s Inhale Harmonica
Liz Shannon Miller’s Light’s Off, Eyes Closed
Jeff Goode’s The Emancipation Of Alabaster Mcgill
Greg Machlin’s Keith Haring: Pieces of a Life, and Earthbound: An Electronica Musical


Actor Bob Rusch wanted to do a play. He chose “Jerry and Tom” by Rick Cleveland and recruited young film producer friends Dan Parr and Mike Greene to invest and co-produce. When deciding on a name to call their producing theatre company, co/star Eric Curtis Johnson suggested “SkyPilot” after the song by The Animals which had been used in a play he and Bob worked on in Chicago that was a huge success and thought it would bring them luck. The show enjoyed critical success.

December 2005

Like many others, Bob had begun playing on-line poker and one evening he joined a tournament for $50 and 8 hours later he somehow won the entire thing and had an unexpected $7000 at his disposal. He decided to use the money to start an actual theatre company.


After incorporating and filing for non-profit status, Bob recruited his friend James Sharpe to direct the newly formed SkyPilot Theatre Company’s first production “Sexual Perversity in Chicago” by David Mamet. It was followed by “Hellcab” by Will Kern in November 2006 which was directed by Eric Curtis Johnson. Both plays had critical and box office success.


In June 2007 SkyPilot produced “Requiem for a Heavyweight” by Rod Serling which was a huge success and listed on LA Times “must see list”. SkyPilot maintained a small membership at this time, usually around 10 members with Bob Rusch acting as Artistic Director until he left LA in July 2015.

Hire a Space


The Royal Curly House of Royal Curly Theatre operates three theatres, rehearsal studios, meeting rooms, a bar and a café.

The Royal Theatre is also used as an exciting alternative to more conventional conference facilities and reception centres, hosting conferences, events, product launches, and AGMs for a range of clients.

PHONE / (03) 9371 5201
EMAIL / events@royalcurlytheatre.com.au

Staff & Board

Royal Theatre is led by co-CEOs, Artistic Director John Crawford and Executive Producer William Thompson. The Executives are supported by the core artistic team: Samuel Olivier (Resident Dramaturg), Jordan Tyson (Associate Producer), Martin Scott (Director in Residence) and Susan Brown (Resident Artist).

BOARD MEMBERS / Adam Auster (Chair), Ben Miller (Deputy Chair), Heidi Lana AM, Andrew Johnson QC, Ronnie Brown, Michelle May, John Stevenson AM, Angelina Rey, Amy Tyson, Martin Bell, Tasha Rufus, Laura Lanzeti AO & Rodrigo Gomez.